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I yelled across to Barbie Pyromaniac, “Hey, nice car! Is that a 2010?”


I was driving down the road yesterday, singing to my pop music, enjoying the great hot weather and feeling happy, happy, happy.  Nothing could ruin my day and life was good overall. It was one of those rare days, when even your worse fears and anxieties feel handable and easy to overcome. I wish I had more of these kinds of days.

But it all kind of ended when I pulled up to a red light. A new white Mercedes pulled up next to me, driven by a potential soccer mom in the making. She looked like one of the women from “The Real Wives of Orange County”. In other words, SCARY! Her hair was perfect. Her makeup was perfect and now that she had a new Mercedes, I am sure the whole of her life felt perfect too.

I smiled to myself and thought that she might have a great life with future great potential. And then I watched as she rolled down her window and arrogantly tossed her burning cigarette out of the window with no care as to where it went. Funny how lighted cigarettes are one of the most common ways that grass fires begin.

So, being the sarcastic person that I am, and knowing inside myself that I would not be happy to just let this woman drive away thinking she never did anything wrong in her life, as behind her flames burned up little blue bird families, mommy and daddy bunny and the baby bunnies, and flames charcoaled mr. & mrs. mouse and family as well. That was not going to happen with me next to this wanton pyromaniac. I rolled my window down.

I yelled across to Barbie Pyromaniac, “Hey, nice car! Is that a 2010?”

Proudly Barbie Pyromaniac flipped her newly coiffed hair, smiled and said “Why yes it is. Isn’t it pretty?”

I responded, and believe me if I had hair to flip I would have, “Oh, that model doesn’t come with an ash tray I guess?”

She was not happy and drove away in a puff of Cruela De Ville smoke!

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