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I sum this game up as Electronic Crack!


Little Big Planet has been out for a while now for the PS3. But I have not had a lot of time lately to play it. Recently I had the opportunity to go back and play some more Little Big Planet. And wow, it is so addicting!

Your main character Sack Boy can be completely dressed and styled to your own styles and fashions. He or she if you choose a Sack Girl, is adorable and has even intrigued the knitting community to go ahead and plan out a pattern to knit your own Sack Boy.

The levels are different and intriguing and better yet, you can create your own levels and submit them so that other players can plunge their Sack Boy or Sack Girl into your world.

Graphics in this game are amazing and use the power of the PS3. There are so few good games out there for the PS3 that it is refreshing and promising to have this one out there!

I sum this game up as Electronic Crack!

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