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This week, Apple announced its next iPhone. Dubbed iPhone 5. They announced other things too, like IOS6. But what they are failing to address is a revamp of their much antiquated iTunes.

Even when iTunes was new and novel, it was quickly surpassed by other applications who played and organized music a whole lot better. Now iTunes is covered with cobwebs and graphically looks like grand daddy’s derelict record player. Sad. Of course iTunes does a whole lot more than play music nowadays. It organizes and syncs Apps, organizes and syncs movies and tv, organizes and syncs books, and acts as Apple’s threshold cash register online. i dare say, reaping in more dollars than their stores combined.

Apple is currently at the top of its game. It controls the technology market as well as the profitable technology law suit market too! Mess with Apple and you go to court! And normally lose!

History tells us a grim story of being at the top. The story goes “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.” We all know what happened to Jack and his mud smeared, cracked crown. Once at the top, there is only one way to go and that is down, down, down. I seriously hope not. I love Apple products and use them daily in lots of ways. But iTunes is getting on my nerve nowadays. No way to really sort books, seriously???? No way to really sort movies in a user friendly way, seriously???? And don’t even look at its ridiculous App organization methods. It gives me a migraine to even look at it. I hope Apple gets the message and thinks to itself, “hmmmmm maybe a total revamp of iTunes is overdue?” Ya think????

Oh yeah, Apple released an update to iTunes today. Ummmmmm, NOT! Oy Vey! Please someone at Apple, get a CLUE before we all lose.

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Cover image for Linchpin by Seth Godin

Cover image for Linchpin by Seth Godin

“Do your job. Show up. Work hard. Listen to the boss. Stick it out. Be part of the system. You’ll be rewarded.
That’s the scam. Strong words, but true. You’ve been scammed. You traded years of your life to be part of a giant con in which you are most definitely not the winner.
If you’ve been playing that game, it’s no wonder you’re frustrated. That game is over.
There are no longer any great jobs where someone else tells you precisely what to do.”

Seth Godin – Linchpin

The world has been changing from a left-brained, number crunching, factory worker mentality to a new right-brained, artistic, think outside the box, innovative one. Seth Godin lays out his plan of action to re-find yourself and mold yourself as the marketable right-brained person that is needed to swing our world’s economy back around. I just started reading his book, “Linchpin” and can only say that I agree with him 110% so far. He has his finger on the pulse in this book and its nice to see it written out in English before my eyes. This book should be absolutely mandatory for all corporate/agency decision makers. It will help you save your business and help your employees become more productive, happier, and more of an asset to your company.

We need to celebrate the end of the factory worker mindset. We need to place greater pride and value on the creatives in our culture. That time is now. We see it all around us with the advent of the tech startup in full swing again and thinking constantly outside the box to achieve rewards. If done right, this will herald the coming of a golden age. Perhaps the Aztec doom day calendar is actually summarizing Seth’s opinions hundreds of years before him?

A Whole New Mind cover by Daniel Pink

A Whole New Mind cover by Daniel Pink

In like mind, Daniel Pink’s marvelous book “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” sets out the change in our society clearly and precisely. I gobbled this book up so fast, and craved more. The resource sections in this book are worth the price tag alone! A small, easy to read book, Daniel’s philosophy is that we must balance out the left and right brain and realize that the previous era of mathematical, non-emotion is going away, and a new breed of valued employee is emerging from the mist, one that can do almost anything, with little schooling needed, and a fearless inner strength to battle against the mass idiot making machines of the corrupted and disqualified American school systems.

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It's been awhile since I have blogged, as I have been working my way through the tough parts of life. But I feel like the current state of the US economy is pulling me back into action. The common factor on most Americans minds is “what is the trouble with our economy?”

You really don't have to look that far to find some answers:

  1. A current presidential, millionaire candidate that has been outsourcing work to other countries in order that his golden pockets get heavier?
  2. A clothing designer who has US Olympic team uniforms made overseas? Yah, that makes sense!
  3. A city mayor, ex basketball player, who thinks the solution to a city's financial woes is building ANOTHER arena for basketball?
  4. A state governor who thinks the solution to rapidly declining funds is to increase taxes on local business and cut much needed services to the needy?
  5. A population of older parents who think ALL successful kids must graduate college with an unending debt of school loans before they even make money or know how to do anything productive at all?
  6. Education officials that need $200k jobs to do…. What exactly? While the teachers and students struggle.
  7. Checkout lines that are robotically controlled by the patrons themselves, while previous cashiers lose their jobs?
  8. A population of prisoners that continues to increase and grow more dangerous but not be valued by anyone at all?
  9. Allowing religious institutions to play politics, own property, devalue opposing populations and yet pay 0 taxes?
  10. A small percentage of Americans controlling most of the money?
  11. Banks being saved by the government for making crooked decisions?
  12. Athletes who make more money than entrepreneurs?

And the problem with the economy is what again???


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Newt is still in the race. What is wrong with him? Does he not get it yet?

Have you ever filled up a balloon with air and instead of tying it off, let the balloon fly free – whiz zing all over the room until it finally runs out of air and flops to the floor? That is Newt’s method of operation. Sadly he is actually destroying his own parties chance of success for truly he would be the only choice that even has a slim chance of beating Obama. Their ignorant loss is our gain.

It is actually kind of fun watching the gaseous verbiage spew from his chubby maw!

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Many of you who know me, realize that I have entered one of the toughest depressions of my life. In October I ended a very unhealthy, poisonous relationship with my partner and began a new chapter of my life. One alone.

The holidays were tough to get through. But I made them. The loneliness was unbearable, but I live with it daily. And with the loneliness has come a new freedom and a new desire to find myself again. Don’t we ever get too old to find ourselves? It seems like every so many years, we all go through a self revitalization once again. I thought I knew who I was at this point in my life, but I am finding that I have no idea who I am, what I like, and where I am going. That is a scary feeling.

Image of PyewackittOne of my solutions to help with my depression and my fear of coming home to an empty house was to get a pet. In December, the SPCA ran a special to adopt any pet at 70% off the costs. I figured the fates were telling me that this was the time to do just that. I needed a friend who would give me unconditional love and be there for me when I got home. I lost all faith in humans after the most painful and gutter ugly break up of my life. I went with two friends to the SPCA and a cat chose me. A wonderful seal point Siamese named “Pyewackitt” after the witches familiar in “Bell, Book and Candle”. Its a great movie with Jimmy Stewert, Kim Novak, Jack Lemon and a host of other notable actors and actresses. If you have not seen it, I recommend it highly. If not just for the vision of Kim Novak and her beautiful face and wonderfully styled costumes. Anyway, Pyewackitt looks just like the cat familiar in the movies, so it was an easy name choice.

A pet brings a love and fullness to your life that is hard to come by with other people. They depend on you. They look forward to seeing you always. They entertain you. And they sense when you are feeling low or not so chipper. And Pye is no exception to that. Very often he lays on my chest and licks the tears off my eyes, or just presses his mouth up against mine and purrs. A native American friend of mine said that cats have the ability to suck the darkness from our souls. That is why they purr and put their faces in our face. They are the animal healer. And truth to be told, Pye has made me feel a whole lot better. I enjoy coming home to him now. I look forward to waking up a little more each day. And I love watching Pye grow and bond more and more to me. He was the best investment I have ever made in my health.

Simply Clean auto litter boxLastly for today’s post I wanted to review a automatic litter box that I bought for Pyewackitt. Its called Simply Clean and its a complete waste of time and money. The basis of the litter box is that the kitty does their business in this round box that is slowly turning. The waste gets taken up a conveyer belt and deposited in a receptacle ready for disposal. No fuss, no muss. Right? WRONG. First thing is first, automatic litter boxes are expensive! This thing cost almost $90 and it was the cheaper of my choices. Its made of solid plastic and is based on an interesting idea, but not worth $90. Actually its not even really worth $20. The thing is noisy. The thing is very smelly and seems to attract odors way more than a standard littler box. And the conveyer belt gets jammed sometimes which means you have to mess with it to get it to work again. I would caution anyone to avoid this thing. Save your money for a good clumping litter and just use the normal litter boxes that depend on manual cleaning.

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Rush opened his big trap again and spews more poison! Rush is certainly mush, and nothing out of his void-like trap can be considered serious commentary. We have to learn not to give this double chip and dip, flabby potato head the hype heis seeking by repeating his filth!

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Funny but it seems like everyone is on Facebook. Singles are on Facebook. Married couples are on Facebook. Cheaters are on Facebook. Married people seeking divorces are on Facebook. Companies are on Facebook. Political non-profits are on Facebook too. For awhile everyone had to be on Facebook. But it appears that wave has crashed.

Facebook seems big and full of…. Well full of it. Whatever that it is. But on close examination people are starting to find that. Facebook is merely a limited quasi-environment. And a not very functional environment at that. It warranted a badly done film about fighting brats and out of control sex addicts, so it must be the future right?

Facebook games have proven themselves to be limited in game replay, graphics, and even original idea.

Facebook friends are…. Not real folks!

Facebook. Apps are sad, single use and one dimensional. Basically not apps at all.

Facebook UI is hideously ugly, not very accessible, not user friendly and seriously badly designed by obvious drunken beings.

But even Google wants in on the action? They are slowly, pathetically trying to release Google+ as a valid contender into the social media pool of sludge. Sadly Google designed another one dimensional, self reliant world.